Teenage girl steals the Mercedes of a man she met online

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Teenage girl lured young man on an online dating platform, met him in San Diego, California, and stole his Mercedes with the help of an accomplice who had been released on parole.

The girl met the owner of the Benz in City Heights, a neighborhood located in San Diego. The late-night date transformed into a nightmare for the 21-year old young man.

Police pursuit: stolen Mercedes chased for hours in Los Angeles

He had contacted one of the two suspects, a 17-year old teenage girl, online and took her out on a date at around 9:30 p.m. He wanted to play the gentleman all the way, so he picked her up from an established location, in his Mercedes-Benz C300 and drove for half a mile before parking in the vicinity of a school, where the girl invited him inside her apartment.

He agreed, got off the car and went on to the passenger side to help her out. She specifically needed assistance, since she had a cast around her ankle. It was the moment when a man wearing a red face mask showed up out of nowhere, pointing a massive knife at the 21-year old and asking for his car keys, a police officer tells.

Lost and found – Man finds stolen Mercedes with the help of an app

The victim could do nothing but hand the keys over. The young woman and her parolee accomplice got on board the sedan and drove off.

Alerted soon by the victim, the police spotted the stolen Benz nearby, pulled it over and arrested Christopher Orion Myers, 21, and his teenage partner in crime, whose name has not been release, due to the fact that she was a minor.