Technicians save tiny kitten stuck underneath a Mercedes-Benz CLA

Experts in technology, experts in animal rescue at Mercedes-Benz of Tampa
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The Mercedes-Benz technicians are also experts in animal rescue. They really need to be! Recently, the technicians at Mercedes-Benz of Tampa helped retrieve a 10-week old kitten trapped under the bonnet of a Mercedes-Benz CLA.

You know that expression about engines purring like a kitten. But we never actually expect to find a kitten in it. Not until it happens, anyway. A third great teacher from Florida heard purring at first and desperate meows on her way to school. After the classes she taught that day, she went straight to Mercedes-Benz Tampa Bay dealership to see what was wrong. “Madame, there is a cat in there”, was the answer she got. Yeah, engines purr, but they never meow.

“At first two (technicians) were trying to get this kitten out and then 10 guys came over to lend a hand,” teacher Kaufman told.

Desperate times (or cats) call for desperate measures. So the technicians had to take down several parts of the car in order to save the kitten that kept moving around underneath the vehicle. They needed about 15 minutes to locate it.

“After we figured out where the cat was, the process was quick,” said Jason Murphy, commercial vehicle technician at Mercedes-Benz of Tampa, told Edmunds.

Murphy has also become an expert in animal rescue. He saved cats, squirrels, rabbits, mice, rats and even snakes!

“The cat was much easier to get than the snake that got into the dashboard after escaping from a child who took his snake to school”, he said.

Now the teacher has decided to keep the survivor with whiskers and call her “Mercedes”.

“Mercedes-Benz of Tampa proved they care about the little things,” Kaufman said. “Ten mechanics dropped what they were doing to save the life of this kitten.” And did not even charge her for the “service call.”

The CLA must be a magnet for kitties. The 2014 video ad showed a cat sliding along the profile of what they call “the world’s most aerodynamic car”.

*Photos from the 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA video advertisment.