Suzuki Jimny Fakes It Until It Makes It, Pretends To Be G-Class Brabus

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You could easily mistake this Suzuki Jimny for a Mercedes-Benz G-Class tuned by Brabus. If you look at it through the magnifying glass, that is. The tiny off-roader fakes it until it makes it in Dubai.

You can’t afford a Mercedes-Benz G-Class Brabus? Don’t worry! A dealership from Dubai has you covered. A 2018 version got the right body kits that expanded the vehicle in every single direction. Well, not enough to match the gargantuan G-Class. Not even close. But let’s give it some credit here. It’s cute and from a distance (10 miles away, maybe) you can’t even tell the difference from the real deal.

And the car as you see it is for sale at the Al Ain Class Motors dealership in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. What you see is what you get. It’s got new round headlights that flank a radiator grille with vertical slats, supporting the Brabus logo. There is a massive scoop on the hood, matching the huge air intakes up front. LED light bars showed up on the roof.

Flared wheel arches, a side step (do you really need that when it comes to the Jimny?), and double-spoke wheels with a black finish round up the looks. Of course, the spare wheel case is right there where it belongs, at the rear end, on the side-opening trunk door.

And the show ain’t over yet. Because there are mods on board as well. The seats got some bizarre diamond pattern blue leather. If it got you tricked so far, that plastic on the dashboard won’t fool you. It screams “cheap“ through every pore. A new steering wheel can get the driver confused. And that’s exactly what the Rolls-Royce-typical starlight headliner does as well.

No V8 under the hood though, because that’s where the Brabus/G-Class magic stops. There’s still that four-pot 1.5-liter in there, with 101 HP or 102 PS.

The dealership will let you drive home in it if you pay 165,000 dirhams. That’s the equivalent of almost $45,000. You can sure find something closer to the actual G-Class on the used car market, right?