Susie Wolff struggles for a burnout in a DTM Mercedes-Benz

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It all happened during the Stars and Cars event in Stuttgart organized by Mercedes-Benz. The 31 year old Scottish born driver was at the wheel of a DTM C-Class Mercedes-Benz when she decided the crowd wanted to see a serious burnout.



She was probably right about it considering the public’s reaction of disappointment when her first try ended with the engine stalling. That wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, since it meant we got to hear that monster engine spark to life once more. And then once again, since her second go at it wasn’t more successful.

After a bit more hesitation, she managed to perform half a burnout and went on to disappear into the first corner.

Then it was time for her second run. This time, the expectations were even higher and Susie Wolff looked like she had learned from the previous failings. And then, disaster struck again. Relentless, Susie fired the engine back up and kept trying. After rolling forward a few meters, she finally manages to cover the car in a cloud of black smoke. Mission accomplished.

We don’t exactly know what happened, but it’s safe to say it wasn’t in anyway Susie Wolff’s fault. After all, she was a DTM driver for Mercedes-Benz for seven years, so she knows how to handle a car like that. It was probably the electronic setup of the car that didn’t allow wheelspin and overrode Susie’s inputs. But as the great Shakespeare said, all’s well when ends well. In this case, “well” meant that the car disappeared into a thick black smoke with a revving engine as soundtrack.