Surgery. This is how a Mercedes-Benz S-Class seat looks on the inside

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Have you ever wondered what is inside a Mercedes-Benz S-Class seat? With all the technology incorporated for the massage functions, heating and ventilation systems and safety features, the driver’s seat looks like an entire technological fair.

Controlled via the controller in the center console, with the functions displayed on the screen, the driver’s seat provides so many options. Hot Relaxing Massage, Hot Relaxing Shoulder, Activating Massage and Classic Massage, the driver feels like there is a professional masseuse at his back. The ENERGIZING comfort package includes all of the seats in the limousine, depending on the equipment line, providing six different options: Freshness, Warmth, Vitality, Joy, Comfort and Training.

Taming lions with the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class

The Stuttgart-based premium car company has fitted inside its automobiles some of the most advanced seats in the industry. Mercedes was the one to invent the on-board hot stone massage, firstly introduced in its top sedan, the S-Class. But how does it look on the inside? The team of “What’s Inside” got the approval to cut one seat open. So the fine perforated leather was simply sliced to pieces.

Once cut open, the seat shows the devices that pop air into the back of the occupant, air pockets on the side, constantly inflating and deflating during turns for lateral support, two fans positioned at the back, colored wires and circuits blowing in for the contractions that the occupant gets to feel. The seating area is just as interesting, so would you take a look?