Super year for Mercedes

2015 Mercedes new models
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Mercedes will launch a lot of new models this year from the GLC, GLE and GLS to the new S-Class Cabrio and C-Class Coupe. Here is an overview of the new products.

Mercedes GLE

After the GLE coupe was presented at the Detroit motorshow, the ML will also get a substantial make-up and a new name: GLE. Even it is considered a facelift in the middle of the life cycle (ML was launched in 2011), the GLE is a totally different car: new design, new engines, new interior. The GLE will be shown on April 1st, at the New York Auto Show.

Mercedes-benz GLE -

Mercedes GLC

It seems that 2015 is the year of the SUVs for Mercedes. After the GLE Coupe and the GLE facelift, the brand new GLC will come. The successor of the GLK has a completely new look, with more rounded lines instead of the angular ones from the GLK. The interior with a free standing display is inspired from the new C-Class and also the engines come from the C-Class. In fact, the new GLC is built on the new modular MRA platform with the new four-link front axle used by the new C-Class.

Other three premieres will follow the GLC: an AMG version, a right-hand drive version and a Plug-In Hybrid version.

Mercedes GLC 003

 Mercedes GLS

Yes, the SUVs list of news is not finished yet, because Mercedes will also update the GL. And the new name is GLS to show the affiliation to the S-Class family.

Like in case of the GLE, we are talking about a strong facelift, before the new model will arrive in 2017. The GLS will feature the new design lines of the brand used in the case of the GLE Coupe and the new interior with the free standing display.

Mercedes GLS Facelift 003

Mercedes S-Class Cabrio

A cabrio is the last model we were missing in the new S-Class range. After the sedan with a short and a long wheelbase, the coupe, the Maybach and the Pullman, the range will be completed with the luxury four seats cabrio. The most expensive Mercedes cabrio will feature an electrically fabric soft top.The model range will only include the top engines from the S-Class: V8 and V12 plus AMG versions.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Cabrio |

According to the new name logistics, the Mercedes SLK will get a facelift and a new name – SLC.

In the same liga of sport cars, Mercedes will unveil the new C-Class Coupe at the Frankfurt Auto Show this autumn. And the coupe will get, in 2016, a cabrio versio,n also with fabric roof like the S-Class Cabrio.

At the Frankfurt motor show, the Mercedes C-Class Coupe will come together with the A-Class facelift. The compact model from Mercedes will get LED lights, a modified front grill, while the AMG version will get some more HP.

Mercedes C-Class Coupe 003

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