Strongest sales month for Mercedes-Benz in the company’s history

Mercedes sales in March 2015
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With 183,467 units sold in March Mercedes recorded the strongest sales month in the company’s history. In the same time, the period January-March is the best first quarter in the company’s history.

 Mercedes-Benz sold 183,467 vehicles in March (+15.7%) and 429,602 vehicles in the first quarter (+14.8% compared with the same period from last year).

The sales has increased all over the world.

Mercedes-Benz set a new sales record in Europe with 89,041 vehicles sold (+16,4%). Germany remain the first market with 27,118 units sold in March and 60,115 units sold in the first quarter (+7.3%). Thanks to an increase of 19.5%, Mercedes-Benz sales in Great Britain reached 26,488 units in March. Other high growth rates were posted in France (+42.4%), Spain (+44.5%) and Belgium (+38.8%).

Sales rose by 18.0% in March to a new record of 54,296 units in Asia-Pacific region and China remain the no. 1 market in the world with 30,124 units (+20.8%). A sales record was also posted in Japan with 18,776 units sold in the first quarter. In Japan, Mercedes-Benz is the market leader among the premium manufacturers.

In the NAFTA region, Mercedes-Benz sold 34,370 units in March (+9.1%) from which 29,921 units in USA (+9.2%).

By models, compact cars continued to enjoy great popularity which enabled a 25.3% sales record increase in the first quarter of 2015. The CLA Shooting Brake, launched on March 28, – the fifth member of the compact family models –  will contribute in the next months to the seales increase in this segment.

C-Class model range – sedan and estate – sales has reached to a new record of 109,050 units, which represent 57.8% more than in the same period of the previous year.

Mercedes-Benz C-Klasse (S 205) 2014

S-Class sedan remain the best selling luxury sedan in the world with 25,849 units sold in the first three months (+7.1%).

The SUVs have also achieved a new record of 107,323 units in the first three months (+31.9%). The G-Class posted a sales growth of 24.2% and a new all time sales record in March.

The sales of the new smart models have reached a good level with 11,984 units sold in March (+25.4%). The result is very good because the smart models are sold only in Europe fro the moment. Smart fortwo was presented at new York Autoshow and will be available on the American market in autumn.

MakeMarch 2015Change in %January-March 2015Change in %
Sales in the markets
- thereof Germany27,1186.260,1157.3
-thererof USA29,9219.278,1567.6
- thereof Japan9,0023.618,7765.4
- thereof China30,12420.878,18316.6