The strangest Mercedes-Benz in the world – A G-Class turned classic

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A limousine, a van, an SUV, all in one. The photo of the strangest Mercedes-Benz ever built has gone viral. Guessing which part has been taken from each car is close to impossible!

It seems to be a classic Mercedes-Benz limousine from the front. The vertically displaced headlights and the gigantic radiator grille seem to be reminescent of the front end of the Mercedes-Benz 280 SE from the 60s, with a split bullbar added for the headlights protection. But somebody must have hated the famous “fintail” of the rear end.

The rest of the chassis seems to be partly borrowed from the Mercedes-Benz G-Class wagon. The boxy features, the doors and the roof seem very G-ish, yet, the rounded fenders look very out of place on the angular frame.

As for the rear, it kept the position of the rear wheel, but the fenders flow into rearwards slopes.

No word on the owner, though. Maybe he is a bit ashamed and tries to keep this a secret. Not a bad idea to do that! Not as bad as fitting the G-Class with the front of a classic anyway!