Starting your own specialist Mercedes garage 

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Good cars like a Mercedes need the right care and repairs so customers will always be looking for a specialist garage’s advice when it comes to keeping their vehicle running smoothly. It’s a lucrative business and you provide a service that is always needed for Mercedes owners.  

While starting your own specialist garage is an achievement, there are some initial requirements if you’re going to run it successfully. Check out our essential must-haves for anyone who is wanting to start their own specialist Mercedes garage:


It’s rule number one for anyone starting a specialist garage to have a lot of experience and knowledge on the cars they are repairing. Mercedes vehicles, in particular, are a big investment for many clients and they won’t want to trust you with their car if you don’t know the ins and outs of the brand and model.

Showing that you know your Mercedes cars inside and out will only increase customer confidence in your work and result in repeat business.

The right equipment 

Having the right tools and equipment can make your life a lot easier when it comes to auto repairs. Mercedes cars may need specialist equipment but always having the basics on hand is useful. Often, these will be costly, so it is worthwhile doing your research on what tools you need.

Basic tool kits include the usual suspects such as wrenches, pliers, and screwdrivers, but can also include protective gear such as disposable gloves and safety glasses. Most basic tool kits can be bought online or at local auto shops.

A Team 

Having a competent team to delegate work to is essential for successfully running a specialist garage. You need to provide customers with exceptional service and to do so, you need professional and talented personnel who have a keen interest in Mercedes cars.

Hiring your team is one of the most important elements of starting up a business so it is worth thinking about what you’re looking for in future employees. Do you want to hire recent graduates, experienced mechanics, or perhaps a balance of the two? Either way, the relevant qualifications are needed to provide the best service possible.

The right licenses 

You’ll need the right licenses before you open your Mercedes garage, and these will determine what services you’ll be able to provide customers. For example, if you want to perform MOTs then you’ll need MOT testing authorisation.

With so many licenses available, it can be difficult to figure out which ones are relevant to your business and more necessary for Mercedes cars. You can use an online license finder to find out which ones you’ll need before open day.