The Sprinter jet: Plain on the outside, plane on the inside

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter customized by Senzati
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It looks perfectly plain on the outside, but it looks just like a private jet plane on the inside. The Senzati Jet Sprinter can provide an office, a refrigerator, an entertainment system and the best is yet to come: a luxury bathroom.

Pulling over every once in a while is a major setback when you’ve got a long way ahead. But the luxury Mercedes-Benz Sprinter tweaked by Senzati provides a more comfortable ride from any point of view you can imagine. The Senzati Jet Sprinter even features a bathroom aboard.

Sprinter Jet 3

The Conventry-based company wanted to build a van that looked discrete on the outside, but felt comfortable as a 5-star hotel on the inside.

The sumptuous van has room for eight people and 12 suitcases and it can be customized according to the chosen floor plan. It comes in four main configurations, but it can be designed according to the VIP customers demands.

The extra comfortbale seats are covered in leather and feature electric headrests, massaging system and climate control.

Sprinter Jet 5

The windows are made to match the chosen layout (you will not be having a transparent window in the bathroom) and for an extended outdoor feeling, there is a 2-meter long glass roof.

“We have an obsessive persuit of perfection”, they claim on their website and the photos justify it.

The company building the ultimate vans says it takes six weeks to convert a normal Sprinter into a private jet-like one.

Sprinter Jet 2

This van customized by Senzati is thought to be Britain’s most luxurious people carrier and can be purchased for sums starting at 282,630 euros ($318,662). Of course it goes through the roof (the glass one) if you ask for more. If you are a world leader and willing to pay more, you can also choose the armoured version to B4+ standards.