The Flower Power Sprinter Full of Cupcakes

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The best or nothing. It is the Mercedes-Benz slogan. And it seems to be the same for a cupcakes store, that put their delicious flamboyant products on sale, in pink Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans.

A Mercedes-Benz Sprinter full of cupcakes. Who would’ve thought? This is how Gina „Gigi” Butler – the founder of a cupcakes business in the United States, decided to expand her flower power business. She required a customized Sprinter van with plumming system inside the vehicle, so anybody can clean up after a full day’s sweet sale. She also asked for a spacious refrigerator, a display area and a service window to process the purchases. And it was all done according to plan.

Sprinter full of cupcakes

A Sprinter to hijack. It’s full of cupcakes!

Gina Butler says that the cupcakes are like her babies, so she needs to send them safe and sound out into the world. „I like to think I am selling happiness on a daily basis”, she says smiling her cupcake smile. And she chose the best mean of transportation for her sugar „babies”.

„Our cupcakes are very fragile. When you put them on the road, they are bouncing and turning. But when we actually load them into the Sprinter van, they are delivered perfectly, because the Sprinter van is so smooth!”, says the kitchen mother who names her babies with names like „Midnight Magic” or „Rocky Road”. Well, no rocky roads for inside the pink Sprinter full of cupcakes.

Grab a bite of Mercedes-Benz before you're set to drive.

Grab a bite of Mercedes-Benz before you’re set to drive.

Gigi Cupcakes franchise has 100 stores all over 23 states in America. The store also sells in 10 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter pink vehicles and there are more to come. The business is going great, regardless of the location: weddings, anniversaries, parks, beach or family picnics, all want to bring a bit of sweet bloom and pink diesel into their family events.

So… would you care for a bite or a drive? Better decide after watching the video: