While preparing for the Detroit Motor Show, the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class, still heavily camouflaged, is running around in Las Vegas. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, you may say.Well, not this time! The A sporting the new MBUX infotainment system will make its way to Detroit to show new design.

The brand-new Mercedes-Benz A-Class was spotted camouflaged in Las Vegas during the CES 2018. Locals and tourists had the chance to spot the hot hatch around the streets of the city of gambling, soon after it showed part of its interior and it revealed the all-new MBUX Infotainment System. The A-Class will stop right there when it comes to the tech show in Nevada. It will soon start off for Detroit, where it is supposed to show all.

The A-Class has already been tested by journalist of auto motor und sport and here is what they noted about the car that will make it to the United States for the first time since it first saw the light of day, 20 years ago.


An tuned down AMG variant, the A35, is also in the works for the first time. With around 300 horsepower on hand, it will slot far beneath the A45, being powered by the company’s turbocharged 2.0-liter 4-cylinder unit. It will obviously have a lower starting price, meant to target young customers who are in search of their first new car.