Sophisticated and Mysterious like a Mercedes

Tilda Swinton in Mercedes S-Class Coupe
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The Oscar awarded Tilda Swinton plays the main part in a Mercedes TV commercial. The actress is promoting the Mercedes-Benz Spring/Summer 2015 fashion shows. She says she is crazy about the 3-pointed German star and tells of how she still teases her three brothers for she was the only one in the family who got the driving license on the first try.

The video was filmed in the Hollywood star’s home country, Scotland, in scenaries that seem surreal. Not a single word is spoken during the over 3-minute video directed by Andre Chemetoff and designed by the artist photographer Haider Ackerman. The former fashion icon and present actress, Tilda Swinton, says the car is very “haute couture” and it stirs imagination.

The sophisticated and mysterious like a Mercedes, Tilda will probably not get another Oscar for this performance, but it is one of the most mysterious car adds ever filmed. “A mystery story that we don’t even understand”. This is how the actress describes her 3rd degree encounter with the German car. Try to unfold the mystery by watching the video: