Someone Ruined a Mercedes-Benz E400 Coupe and Is Proud of It

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A Mercedes-Benz E400 Coupe is not exactly a flashy ride. But someone wanted it to be. They ruined the classy coupe by fitting it with a gazillion of glitzy stuff. And now proudly displays it in traffic.

The poor car would hide in shame if it could. Instead, its driver displays it in traffic and parking lots. A Lowe’s parking lot is where it was spotted, photographed and posted on Reddit.

So what should we start with? With the fact that none of the stock panels seems to have remained on the car? There are strips, and fins, and flaps, and stickers just about everywhere. Aftermarket fenders and sills catch the eye from the side and hopefully – considering their size – we hope that’s the only thing they catch.

A massive wing showed up on the boot lid and there is a flashy air diffuser under the bumper. There are also taillights with a new layout and there are wings flanking the three-pointed star logo on the boot lid. Of course, we can’t pretend we haven’t seen the stars on the windows, nor the extensive chrome plating that is just about… everywhere. And the owner did not stop there. The Mercedes-Benz E400 Coupe 4Matic also shows some contrasting purple and red accents.

“Thank God this Mercedes-Benz E400 Coupe did not get the AMG lettering!”

Considering all these mods, it’s probably better and safe for our sanity not to see the front end of the car. We’ve had enough of it already. Those who have seen the photo have resorted to a ‘glass half full’ kind of attitude. “At least he didn’t put the AMG lettering on it,” they wrote in the comments. And we must admit that yes, that could have made it even worse. You probably remember the S-Class that was an AMG, a Brabus, a Maybach and whatever was left out there.

Long gone are the days this E400 impressed with style and elegance. Someone decided to mess with them.