Somebody actually carved a wooden Mercedes-Benz G-Class and it looks fantastic

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Somebody actually carved a wooden Mercedes-Benz G-Class and it looks fantastic. Every single lid opens, every door and joint move as they are the real thing. The model seems every inch the iconic off-roader. But there is one tiny difference.

Well, not that tiny, actually. That is because the wooden G that is right in front of your eyes is small enough to stand on a shelf in your living room.

The wooden Mercedes-Benz G-Class is the creation of a Vietnamese artist who has got 2.63 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, Woodworking Art. His latest project carries over every single detail from the iconic model that started out as a military vehicle back in the ‘70s.

The model was an order from a friend who already owns a Mercedes-Benz G500 in his garage. So he wanted one in his home. Therefore the super-talented carpenter started working on one. For the car to come together, he used Fujian cypress wood and a glossy coating that protects it from scratches.

The artist claims that the wooden Mercedes-Benz G-Class preserves the typical strong aroma of the coniferous tree. Before you think of smelling the model, keep in mind that it turned out so realistic, that you might end up actually smelling the side dual exhaust piping.

And that is not the only specific detail that draws attention. The spare wheel case is right there where it has always been. The turn indicators have found their usual place up, on the bonnet, seconding those in the mirror cases. Even the exterior door hinges are there.

The artist even places a diamond pattern on the rear door interior. And of course, carved the G500 and 4×4 badges, just in case anyone would have failed to realize what he actually built. But there is no way you could fail to recognize the iconic G-Class in this wooden creation.