Some people just wanna have fun

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For most of us, driving is a pretty divided activity: we drive either for purpose or for fun, but rarely do we do both at the same time. With this 300D TURBODIESEL, the fun part is guaranteed.

Well, having the exhaust pipe poke through the bonnet might have seemed like a fun idea at the time, but I’m pretty sure nobody finds cancer funny and that’s exactly what you get if you drive this car with the windows rolled down.

The owner is clearly an easy going guy and if the exterior of the car isn’t enough to convince you (the ridiculously large wheels, for example, as well as the previously mentioned tractor-style exhaust), then have a look at the gear shift knob: yes, it looks like a screwdriver handle.

He’s clearly not taking himself too seriously and racing this modified Mercedes-Benz in drag races only adds to this impression. According to his own words the car only puts out around 100 hp, so after all the spectacular preparations with tire warming and clouds of black smoke, the race itself is a foregone conclusion with our protagonist always ending up on the losing side.

He’s not upset, though, he’s in for the fun. He knows people are laughing when they see his car and he’s OK with that – he’s basically what you would call a performer, an entertainer and he couldn’t do it without the 300D Mercedes-Benz.

The car is the exact opposite of a sleeper: it seems fast, people expect it to go like stink, but in reality it’s just a slightly faster diesel Mercedes-Benz from the 80s. One that has a screwdriver for a gear shift knob and an exhaust which puffs out rings of smoke – it’s a fun car and it makes no excuses about it. You can watch a short video below: