smart times 2016 – the cute dwarfs’ parade

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More than 3000 smart vehicles from all over the world landed in Germany and Hungary for the 16th edition of the smart times parade. The worldwide community drove through the streets of Hamburg and then Budapest. Next year, they will all move to the Spanish city of Salou.

They come in all shapes and sizes and colors. Roadsters, coupes and cabriolets, custom-made and standard. Even a „popemobile” smart, a smart for the off-road, one in shocking pink and another one coated with a layer of wood were there to show off.

A variety demonstrated by 3.167 smart vehicles that took the city of Hamburg by storm. They may seem inoffensive as individuals, but they are a true army when marching together. Local spectators cheered on as they passed ringing their horns.

smart times hamburg 2016

During the past weekend, the smart owners had the chance to chat with designers, tuners, experts and check out what is new in the smart industry of the micro cars.

It wasn’t just work, but fun as well. A test track, evening parties and live shows by local and international artists made the weekend unforgettable.

smart times hamburg 2016

smart times 2016 – facts and figures

26 and 27 August 2016 in Hamburg, Germany
3,167 participants from around the world
1,635 smart vehicles in the parade

smart times 2015 – facts and figures

28 and 29 August 2015 in Budapest, Hungary
2,476 participants from around the world
1,207 smart vehicles in the parade