Smart fordogs: man’s best friend gets best treats

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Man’s best friend deserves what’s best. So smart is also thinking about our dogs comfort. You know, those furry little (or big, sorry Beethoven!) guys that bark a lot, sleep a lot, crunch a lot and leave a lot of hair. Those four-legged guys that we drive around as if we are their chauffeurs or something.

9.5 million Germans out of 80 million have a dog. Or two. Or three. Or who’s counting anyway? Now smart is helping short-legged, old or just lazy dogs to easily escalate the rear seats, by providing “readyspace” reversible cushions, which lower the entrance height by 12 centimeters. Your Yorkshire Terrier will wag its tail when hearing (or sniffing) the news. The standard vent windows will help your dog keep its mouth shut. We don’t mean barking in this… smart fordogs, do we?

smart fordogs 2

Boarding is difficult for your Saint Bernard? Well, as a standard feature, the rear doors of the smart forfour open by almost 90°. Your overweight friend will surely appreciate this.

You may think that seatbelts are only for people. Guess again! Your dog must wear one when the car is in motion. It’s best for it and you both. With an appropriate adapter, standard models can simply be latched into the smart’s belt buckle. To make sure your toy-poodle will not jump around towards your throttle pedal, a crate that fits on the rear bench for the forfour and boarding facilities for your pet is best transportation solution.

smart fordogs 3

The smart has always been about space efficiency. It fits, it sits, right? Remember, the rear bench backrest can be folded down to produce a level load surface of at least 1285 x 996 mm with a cargo volume of up to 975 liters. So if four people together with luggage can fit in the smart forfour, how many dogs would go in it?