Sitting on a gold mine – the 24k gold trimmed Mercedes S63 AMG

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This is a whole new perspective of luxury. Carlex Design goes over the top all over again and sets up a gold trim on the dashboard of a Mercedes S63 AMG, the limousine that already had one of the most luxurious interiors ever produced by a carmaker.

The 24-karate gold trim offered by the Polish tuning house includes items to emphasize the contours of the steering wheel, the commuters, the air vents and to completely cover the speakers, the handles, but also the pedals. No word on the price, though. But we’d dare suggest sunglasses for the super wealthy people traveling in the shiny golden limo. And those definitely come cheaper than pounds of gold. Even if they are made of gold themselves.

The tuner has not release any other information regarding the teaser photos, so for the moment, we have no clue if the exterior of the car has been gold-plated, too.

The standard S63 AMG comes with a 5.5-liter twin-turbo V8 engine delivering 585 HP and reaching the 100 km/h mark in just 4.0 seconds. But no one can’t guarantee the same interval once the car is covered in heavy gold. And the permanent safety guard that would keep thieves away would also add some weight to the Mercedes flagship limousine.