Shock twist: Is Lewis Hamilton leaving Mercedes for Ferrari in 2021?

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Lewis Hamilton’s contract with Mercedes will expire at the end of the 2020 season and the international media reports the British champion might leave the German team for Scuderia Ferrari.

Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton will begin negotiations for a new agreement in the coming period. However, right before the final stage of the season, the Abu Dhabi grand prix, Ferrari is trying to lure Hamilton to its ‘stables’. The Formula 1 champion is said to have met twice this year with John Elkann, Ferrari’s president.

This has sparked much speculation about possible contract talks for the 2021 season, and rumors have also been amplified by how Hamilton responded when asked if he had met with Elkann. “What you do behind closed doors is always private, no matter who you meet,” Hamilton said.

Also, Mattia Binotto, the head of Ferrari Scuderia, was asked in Abu Dhabi if he is interested in signing a contract with Hamilton for the 2021 season, and his answer was an elusive one, too. “The fact that he is available in 2021 can only delight us,” said the Italian.

For now, Mercedes officials remain confident they will get Hamilton’s signature on a new contract, and motorsport director Toto Wolff has even offered mathematical opportunities.

“Personally I would say that we have a 75% chance. I offer this percentage because, rationally speaking, everything is in favor of continuing the relationship on both sides. But at the same time there is a 25% uncertainty that we cannot control. We will see what will happen in the coming months,” Wolff said.