Shock: Mercedes kills the X-Class, production ends this May

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The first premium pick-up from Mercedes will also be the last. The German car maker has confirmed it will discontinue the X-Class pick-up in May, due to low sales. 

Mercedes-Benz launched in the summer of 2017 its first premium pick-up X-Class, which was developed on the platform of the Nissan Navara, from which it has taken many features.

The German automaker hoped to be successful with a premium pick-up, but in the two years since the launch, sales have been rather disappointing: 16,700 units in 2018 and 15,300 units in 2019.

Following the low demand, Mercedes-Benz has confirmed that it will discontinue production of the X-Class in May 2020. The information was disclosed by a Mercedes-Benz official for the German publication Auto Motor und Sport, and he claims that the decision was made due to the fact that this niche is only appreciated in Australia and South Africa.

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Pick-ups are also popular in South America, and Mercedes-Benz had plans to produce the X-Class on this continent as well. However, the Germans had given up on this plan as early as last year, after a series of analyzes showed that the selling price would be too high for the purchasing power of South Americans.

The Mercedes-Benz X-Class is currently produced in Barcelona alongside the related Navara and Renault Alaskan models.

Via Auto Motor und sport