Shock: Mercedes-AMG is considering reintroducing the V8 engine in the AMG C 63 and E 63

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According to several German sources, Mercedes-AMG is considering returning to the twin-turbo V8 engine for the AMG C 63 and the upcoming AMG E 63.

German website claims to have information from two separate sources that AMG is considering replacing the 4-cylinder engine in the new AMG C 63 with a V8 from 2026.

Mercedes-AMG is not giving up on the PHEV system but replacing the 4-cylinder combustion engine with a new version of the familiar bi-turbo V8. In other words, Mercedes will take over the PHEV system from the AMG S 63 E Performance for the AMG C 63 and the upcoming AMG E 63.

Underlying the decision seems to be the poor sales of the new AMG C 63. If it takes this decision, it means Mercedes will radically change its strategy after investing tens of millions of euros in the electrification of the 4-cylinder engine for high-performance models.

Mercedes uses the same P3 hybrid system as in the AMG C 63 in the new AMG S 63 E Performance except that it features a 612 PS twin-turbo V8 engine and a rear axle-mounted electric motor to deliver a total of 802 PS and 1430 Nm. This level of power would be far too high for the AMG C 63 but in the case of the AMG C 63 Mercedes could use the same V8 with less power.

Contacted by British magazine Autocar, AMG officials said they would not comment on speculation about their business strategy.

Rumors of AMG’s engine plans emerged after it was confirmed that Mercedes has no plans to offer a successor to the AMG E 63. Unconfirmed rumors, which appeared in the German press, suggested that the only AMG E-Class model will be the AMG E 53 version equipped with the 3-liter inline-6 engine.

The first AMG model with a hybrid P3 system with a 4-cylinder engine was the new AMG C 63 S E Performance presented last year. It combines the 476 PS turbocharged electrically driven turbine engine with a 204 PS rear axle mounted electric motor for a total output of 680 PS. The same system was recently launched in the AMG GLC 63 S E Performance.