SHOCKING ACCIDENT. Truck full of new Mercedes cars rolls over on highway

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The highway is a dangerous place to be. Laugh as you might, but a schocking accident involving a truck full of brand new Mercedes cars proves the theory right. Millions worth of shiny new Benzes were reduced to a smoldering pile of rubble.

The incident took place in Romania, on their Highway 1, one of the busiest roads in the country. The huge transporter was heading towards the Mercedes dealerships in the area, where the happy customers were brimming with joy in the wait of their shiny new Mercs.

tir-masini-noi-Mercedes (3)

Eveything ended in a split of a second. The truck left the high speed road and entered the median, spilling its precious cargo all over the Romanian highway. In total, six Mercedes were crushed. Among them, four GLA compact crossovers, a C-Class sedan and the brand-new GLS luxury SUV.

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If the later apparently escaped virtually unscathed, the rest of the brand new Mercedes cars were seriously damaged, particularly the GLAs who tipped over and were caught under the truck’s bed.

Photo: Antena3