See what happens to your car when you leave it at the Mercedes service

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A Canadian man took his car to the Mercedes service and forgot the on board camera running. This is what he discovered when he took his car from the dealership.

The car, a 170,000 dollars Mercedes S63 AMG, was taken to one of the official dealerships in Mississauga, USA. The camcorder mounted on the dashboard was on during the entire service stay.

The owner did not do so intentionally, but when he looked at the images he discovered that the mechanics drove the car and went to buy ice cream. Besides, he even found traces of frozen ice in the car.

In addition, writes, Daniel Sheikhan was charged for 90 minutes of service, but the mechanics did not spent more than 11 minutes on fixing his car. And if that was not enough, they did not even solve the problem he had reported when he got to the service.

The incident happened in 2015, but Sheikhan says he is not satisfied with the response from Mercedes and wants to know whether the German giant has done anything concrete to prevent such situations from happening.

Contacted by the Canadian press three days ago, Mercedes said the company did not accept the behavior of the mechanics and solved the problem when it was originally signaled, in 2015.