See how the new electric turbo in the S-Class facelift works

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Recently updated, the new 2018 Mercedes S-Class was launched alongside a revolutionary new electric turbo booster from BorgWarner. This is how the E-turbocharger works in the six-cylinder engine of the new S-Class.

More steam in the speed room and at the same time less fuel consumption? The new e-booster from BorgWarner makes it possible. The new six-cylinder petrol engine in the new Mercedes S-Class is the first standard application of this clever solution. The inline-six petrol engine (M256) comes with integrated starter alternator, 48 volt on-board power supply and electrification of different components.

Knows as eBooster, the all-new electric turbo is inactive in the so called Phase 1, when the vehicle is running at low load and constant speed. In phase two, when the driver pushes the accelerator pedal, the eBooster immediately responds and provides instant boost pressure. Phase Three: Turbocharger takes over providing higher boost pressure than eBooster and eBooster is switched off. The eBooster is mounted between the bypass valve and the conventional turbocharger, after which comes the waste gate valve. The eBooster enables downsizing without turbo-lag, provides enhanced low-end torque, reduces fuel consumption and emissions levels and offers enhanced transient boost response. SEE HOW THE eBOOSTER WORKS FOR YOURSELF IN THE VIDEO BELOW.