Second video teaser: Mercedes EQXX has a retractable diffuser

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Mercedes presented the second teaser with the Mercedes EQXX in the form of a 4-minute video showing the aerodynamic details.

At normal crusing speed, aerodynamics account for about 60% of the total losses. So, aerodynamics plays a crucial role.

In this sense, the Mercedes EQXX will have a special aerodynamics with special spoilers, moving parts and retractable diffuser.
The retractable diffuser extend downwards and backwards. Without this retractable diffuser, the car should be either narrower or longer.

Mercedes engineers have tried to draw inspiration from nature by studying the aerodynamic shape of sharks or dolphins. It’s just that dolphins and sharks don’t have wheels. The big problem with a car in terms of aerodynamics is the wheels.

From the same video we learn that the Mercedes EQXX will be a compact 4-door sedan.

Tim Wolfel, team leader electric drive special projects said:
“The challenge we gave ourselves was to bring Formula 1 kind of energy into a compact car segment. EQXX is a vision for a 4-door limousine Mercedes luxury product”.

There are a few days until all the official details will be revealed, but in this teaser we see a body with an elongated rear, a kind of Long Tail.
Also, in the first teaser, we can see a very low front part that looks a bit like the one from Mercedes-AMG One.

Mercedes EQXX

German car magazine auto motor und sport speculates that the Mercedes EQXX will have a single permanently excited synchronous motor on the front axle which will be mated to a two-speed gearbox.

Why front traction? Rear-wheel drive is suitable when the engines have very high torque, ensuring good traction at high accelerations.
On the other hand, at moderate power, the front-wheel drive creates more pressure on the front wheels and thus ensures a higher recovery capacity.

In addition, the Mercedes EQXX will be the first Mercedes with 800V technology that will allow a very fast charge. It should also be noted that the Mercedes EQX was designed entirely on a computer.

Eva Greiner, chief engineer of the electric drive system said:
“With SiL (software in the loop) we have already mapped the entire drivetrain within the software. This means we can already do the drive virtually on the computer”.