Second generation Panamera already testing (CLS nervs?…)

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The new Panamera is making it’s first appearance out in the open, revealing a large part of what will be the future rival for the Mercedes-Benz CLS or even for the luxurious Mercedes-Benz S-Class. There is, however, one big difference between the “stars” and the new Porsche flagship: while CLS and S-Class have three-volumes body, the second generation Panamera will clearly continue it’s bet on liftback style – similar to the “cousin” Audi A7, biggest rival for CLS.

If we compare the spied Panamera to the current model, it’s easy to notice the second generation will offer a more rakish profile, while in the back designers will underline the “hips”, like in the current 911. In fact, we can notice that rear door is somehow smaller and the roofline is more curved – it’s like the new Panamera would like to be perceived as a 5-door-911, so that it would appeal more the customers of a 4-door-coupe CLS instead of a S-Class limo.

We can also notice a slight change of the headlights, a more angular shape, like the one in the Boxster or Macan, but also the engine bay looks a little shorter than the current Panamera. That’s because of the new VW Group platform code-named “MSB” (“Modularer Standardantrieb-Baukasten”), which is going to be used by Bentley, and by Audi models with longitudinal mounted engines. While the current Panamera weights about 2-tons, the new Panamera will be lighter and stiffer thanks to more high-strength steel.

The new Panamera is likely to also offer two wheelbase versions, even a third one, specifically tailored for chinese market. As for the interior, the source of inspiration is said to be the 918 supercar, with a cabin dominated by touchscreens and touch-sensitive tehnology – expect very few buttons, like in the new S-Class.

Regarding the engines, the new Panamera will offer upgrades of the current line-up, while the plug-in S E-Hybrid version is going to be a strong rival for the new S 500 Plug-in. No manual transmision for this second generations either, but AWD will be optional on some variants. Expect the new Porsche Panamera no sooner than 2016, when is very likely we’ll see the new CLS, based on the new E-Class platform ( already gave you first informations about it – read it here).

Foto: Automedia