Sebastian Vettel sells his collection of Mercedes, BMW and Ferrari

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Sebastian Vettel sells 8 spectacular cars from his sports car collection. Among them are rare models from Mercedes, BMW and Ferrari.

Foto: Tom Hartley Jnr.

The German magazine auto motor und sport announces that the quadruple world champion Sebastian Vettel sells 8 sports cars from his collection. The news was confirmed for auto motor und sport magazine by Vettel’s press adviser, Britta Roske.

But Vettel did not want to explain the reasons for giving up these models. From here came some speculations. Does Vettel need more space in the garage ? O he is affected by the separation from Ferrari and therefore sells its Ferrari models? But Vettel also sells some Mercedes and BMW models.

There has been another speculation that the new Aston Martin team for which Vettel is competing would force him to drive only British models. But the speculation turned out to be false because Aston Martin’s F1 department, quoted by auto motor und sport magazine, said it had not imposed anything on Vettel.

Then the only explanation could be that Vettel wants to sell them because he no longer drive them.
All models have a small number of kilometers on board.

The cars are at Vettel’s residence in Switzerland and their sale is handled by the British luxury car seller Tom Hartley Jnr. He gladly offered several photos of the models offered for sale.

The cars offered for sale are: Ferrari Enzo (2004), laFerrari (2016), F50 (1996), F12 TDF (2016), 458 Speciuale (2015), Mercedes SL65 AMG Black Series (2009), SLS (2010), BMW Z8 (2002).

Mercedes SL65 AMG Black Series (2009)
Mercedes SL 65 AMG Black Series was received as a gift by Vettel from the sheikhs after winning the 2009 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.
The model with V12 engine was built in only 350 units and has only 2816 km on board. The requested price is 315,000 euros.

Mercedes SLS (2010)
Vettel personally ordered a Mercedes SLS directly from AMG in Affalterbach. It is painted in matt dark gray, has ceramic disc brakes, sports suspension, Bang & Olufsen audio system, Nappa leather upholstery and Carbon package. The asking price for the model with butterfly doors is only 200,000 euros.
Mercedes SLS was the successor to McLaren Mercedes SLR and at the time of launch its price was a bargain in comparison to that of SLR: only 189,000 euros compared to 452,000 for SLR.

Ferrari Enzo (2004)
The car was bought from a German dealer and then imported into Switzerland. It has only 1790 km and the price is communicated only to those interested.

Ferrari LaFerrari (2016)
At the time of publishing this article, the car has already been sold. It has only 490 km on board and many personalization elements with Vettel’s name that appears on the steering wheel and on the seat. It is one of only 499 units built.

Ferrari F50 (1996)
Also this model has already been sold. It had 6940 km on board and was bought by Vettel from a danish in its first season at Ferrari in 2015. It is not known the price at which it was sold but an F50 in very good condition is a very rare model.

Ferrari F12 TDF (2016)
Vettel has personally configured this model, which has the Vettel name embroidered on the seat and the signatures of all the mechanics involved in the production on the carbon fiber cover of the engine. the asking price is 835,000 euros.


Ferrari 458 Speciale (2015)
For a Ferrari, the black paint is not common. It was the first Ferrari ordered directly by Vettel from Ferrari. It has carbon racing seats dressed in Alcantara, four-point belts, Carbon package and HIFi audio system. The asking price is 400,000 euros.

BMW Z8 (2002)
Vettel has probably had this Z8 since he debuted in Formula 1 with BMW. The price of the model produced in only 1895 copies has increased in recent years.
The model from Vettel’s collection was imported from America but then sent to the BMW Classic to be adapted to the requirements of the European market. The car with 21726 km on board is offered at the price of 200,000 euros.