Scoop: All-new 2020 Mercedes C-Class caught for the first time

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Our colleagues from have managed to catch on camera the next generation 2020 Mercedes C-class and here it is in full glory: the all-new W206.

Admittedly, the camouflage is still very heavy, but this is undeniably the future W206, the car that will replace the current C-Class. The current Mercedes C-Class W205 was refreshed barely six months ago at the Geneva motor show. As far as we can now see through the floral wallpaper camo, the next 2020 Mercedes C-Class is not really a revolution in terms of design.

An entirely different story is the dashboard. According to an insider, “for the E-Class Mercedes wanted the user to interact with the touchscreen as well as with the controller, but it turned out that customers are not really ready for that”. That’s why the C-Class probably gets a fully digital-touch based experience that is very similar to that in the current Audi A8, where two separate touch screens are used for multimedia/navigation and climate.

The next C-Class will be built on the MRA2 platform (Mercedes Rearwheel-drive Architecture), a further development of the chassis that is now used by the C-Class, E-Class and so on. Version 2.0 is said to be slightly lighter and shares some elements with EVA (Electric Vehicle Architecture), the backbone of the EQ models.

Under the hood we expect the latest turbo four-cylinder petrol engines and the clean OM 654 2.0-liter diesel that debuted in the E-Class two years ago. There will also be a series of new 3.0-liter six-cylinders-in-line engines, of which the diesel variant can already be found in the facelifted S-Class. It is expected to come to the C-class with a choice of one or two turbos, with 286 or 340 hp respectively. The three-liter petrol gets more than 400 hp.

Mercedes will of course also offer a plug-in hybrid, which combines a four-cylinder petrol engine with electricity. This time, Mercedes promises the next C-Class hybrid can drive at least 100 kilometers in fully electric mode. The 2020 Mercedes C-Class also gets a 48V electric architecture.

As mentioned, the current facelifted C-Class is still fresh and fruity enough, so we do not expect the 2020 Mercedes C-Class W206 on the road before 2020.