The Van of the Future: Mercedes Vision Van electric concept

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Mercedes Vision Van Concept is a glimpse of things to come. The van of the future is all electric, connected and comes with fully automated loading, integrated delivery drones, unique communication between the vehicle and the environment.

The Vision Van Mercedes presents a Transportation Study for the 21st Century which integrates a variety technologies that will gradually show up on the future Mercedes Transporter generations.

The future of the transport sector lies in solutions for logistics, a good transporter is only one link in the chain. Mercedes Vision Van takes such an integrated approach. The Vision Van is connected to at an unprecedented level and should thus ensure the complete digital process chain from the distribution center to the receiver.

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It starts with the very picking of the charge. Each package is automatically loaded (based on a pre-optimal delivery route) in a load module, then the module is introduced as a whole into the loading area of ​​the Vision Van. At the destination, the respective packet is again automatically unloaded for delivery. In parallel, the system supplies two electrically powered drones with a payload of two kilograms – fully autonomous on a radius of ten kilometers. Of course, the whole process is managed and monitored by a cloud system or a remote operator. Deliveries will be faster and more efficient.

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The extremely wide windscreen improves visibility. The black panel grille integrates an LED matrix communication system that can emit messages via light signaling. A corresponding module can also be found at the rear.

Equally futuristic is the cockpit. Mercedes favors a Drive-by-wire joystick, so designers eliminated the steering wheel, pedals and center console all together. The entire area in front of the driver is used for information exchange, navigation or car settings, all via a mega-wide OLED screen. The cab floor is also flat in the absence of a transmission tunnel. The driver’s seat has been moved further forward with the extra space added to the cargo compartment.

As expected, the Mercedes Vision Van is driven purely electrically by a 75 kW and 270 Nm electric motor mounted on the rear axle. The batteries are hidden in the modular vehicle floor and offer a range of 270 km. The Vision Van can hit 120 km/h, but maximum speed is limited at 80 km/h.

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