Saving on Shipping Costs: A Guide for Small Business Owners

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Every small business owner knows that delivery is a costly undertaking. Moreover, customers are already used to the fact that the goods come to them within one or two days. This is a big challenge for businesses that cooperate with flatbed trucking companies. But there are several ways that you can start using now to reduce the cost of delivery.

Ways to Reduce Shipping Costs for Small Businesses

  • Reduce the delivery distance.

We all know that the further you need to send a package, the more it will cost. In total, there are eight geographical zones in the States. For example, if you are in zone 1, you can refuse delivery to zones 5, 6, 7, and 8. This will reduce the number of customers, but it will help your business get back on its feet and, in the future, organize warehouses in Zone 5, for example, and expand the possibility of delivery.

  • Reduce the size of the parcel.

We advise buying a postal scale to save money and predict delivery. It is important to note that many businesses choose large packages and often pay for air. Do not use too large boxes for small parcels.

  • Use shipping discounts

Many companies, if you are set up for long-term cooperation, offer discounts depending on the delivery volume. The more packages you send, the better prices you can get.

  • Use prepayment

For example, you can buy shipping labels from a shipping company in advance. It will be cheaper than if you purchased labels for each order separately. This method is especially suitable for those who send the same parcels, the same size and weight, every time.

  • Use hybrid services

These are the companies that act as intermediaries with other carriers. They send your parcels to the sorting point and give them to other cargo carriers for delivery. This is a good and cheap way, but clarifying that it may take longer is essential.

  • Encourage customers to order products in advance.

You probably know that transport companies raise delivery prices on the eve of the holidays due to the number of orders. Therefore, it will be more profitable if most customers order goods from you before a big fuss. Write about it on the website, and offer discounts for customers who order gifts for Christmas a month before the holiday.