Sanity gone down the drain in Ukraine! Driver tries to smash a Mercedes G63 AMG in the off-road

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Sanity has really gone down the drain in Ukraine! A driver must have been out of his mind to turn a Mercedes G63 AMG to dust in an unbelievable off-road demonstration. Mission failed. The car ended up smoking, but the engine was still running, while spectators were cheering for the mad man behind the wheel.

The Mercedes G63 AMG was put through water and mud time and again, by a driver who seemed mentally deranged, until it got stuck and needed to be pulled out by the help of a winch.

Afterwards, the lunatic driving the SUV went back into the artificially-made lake and surprisingly, the Mercedes came out of it with no help whatsoever this time.

The poor V8 engine under the hood must have suffocated during the outrageous off-road demonstration. When the driver finally stopped revving it and trying to make the car swim, people around lifted the bonnet and revealed the power unit covered in smoke, but still functional.

Even though wrapped in layers over layers of mud, the bodywork of the AMG SUV still seemed intact, but there was grass hanging down from the radiator grille.


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