Sales in January 2019: Mercedes-Benz dominates the premium segment despite a 6.7% drop

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Mercedes-Benz sold 180,539 new cars in January globally, down 6.7%. The rivals from BMW managed to sell 149,616 units, while Audi ended the month the last on podium with nearly 145,000 cars sold.

This year starts at a slower pace for premium car builders. Mercedes-Benz, the leader of 2018, started the year in decline. In January, the Stuttgart builder reported sales of 180,539 units, down 6.7% compared to the same period last year. The Germans suffer this fall due to the changes that have occurred in the compact range (changing generations for the CLA and B-Class models). However, Mercedes-Benz is leading the markets in Germany, Great Britain, France, Switzerland, Portugal, Denmark, Finland, South Korea, USA, Canada and Brazil.

In Europe, sales dropped 11.2% in January, while in China, Mercedes-Benz managed to increase sales by 4.8% (71,697 units). C-Class manages an excellent year (36,000 units sold in January, + 2.8%), while SUVs has gathered over 60,000 units, down 15.9%.

BMW started the year with an increase of only 0.8%. In January, Bavarians sold 149,616 units globally. In Europe, sales fell by 2.1%, with the German market having an important say (-6.8%). However, BMW manages to start growing this year in China (+ 15.5%, 63,135 units).

And in the case of BMW, the changes made to the X5 and the 3 Series have fully affected the January result.

Last month, Audi sold 144,650 units globally, down 3%. And in the case of the Ingolstadt constructor, the European market has fully influenced the overall outcome. In January, Audi sold 55,300 new cars on the Old Continent, down 8.5%. However, on the German market, Audi achieved a 1.5% increase. Good performance was also recorded in China, where Audi reported a 5.1% increase in January (64,000 units).