Confirmed: Mercedes-Benz USA is relocating from New Jersey

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Moving is always a big decision, and even more so when a company employing 800+ people is involved. But, if the rumors turn out to be true, it’s said that Mercedes-Benz USA is planning a move down South for their current New Jersey offices.

** UPDATE **

Quote from an official press release:
Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA) will relocate its corporate headquarters to Atlanta, Georgia, in a move designed to better serve its growing customer base and strengthen the company’s position for long-term, sustainable growth.

MBUSA executives and staff will relocate from its primary facility in Montvale, New Jersey, to a temporary facility in Atlanta’s Central Perimeter on an interim basis. The company will construct a new, state-of-the-art headquarters expected to be completed in early 2017.  MBUSA plans to begin moving employees starting in July 2015. The move, which will affect approximately 1,000 employees, will be phased to help minimize any disruption to business operations. Several operational areas will remain in both Montvale and Robbinsville, New Jersey. 


A visit from Dieter Zetsche himself is scheduled to take place today at the US Mercedes-Benz headquarters in Montvale, NJ. It’s nothing special, it happens every year, but this time the big man might not come all this way just for a collective pat on the back for all the employees.

Some undisclosed sources have it that this might be the occasion when those working for Mercedes-Benz USA find out that they need to start packing and look for a new home in Atlanta, the city tipped with the highest chances of being the new chosen location.

Anyone who’s ever had to move knows it’s no picnic. You can imagine the logistics involved with moving the regional headquarters of a big company and you can thank God you’ll have nothing to do with it (unless you work for the company that’ll be chosen for that, in which case you’re gonna have to find something else to be grateful for – like having a job, for instance). But rest assured, Mercedes-Benz USA has its reasons.

50 millions of them, to be more precise. This is the total value (US dollars) of the incentives offered by the state of Georgia to Mercedes-Benz USA for the switch. You can imagine New Jersey responded with a counter-offer, but it seems to have come too late since the moves appears to be imminent.

Mercedes-Benz USA won’t be alone there. Actually, some familiar faces from Stuttgart are already there – Porsche – and Toyota is also lurking nearby. These new headquarters will also bring the whole Mercedes-Benz USA operation a lot closer, with the current factory in Tuscaloosa, AL, nearby.