How to ruin a perfectly good S-Class, the Prior Design way

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No, this is not good. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then there was clearly something else stuck in the eye of whoever came up with this horrible tuning package for the Mercedes-Benz S-Class from Prior Design. 

Personally, I will never understand people who buy cars like the S-Class – large limousines that are comfortable before anything else – and then make them look like they’d feel more at home on the streets of Tokyo at night, surrounded by pink Supras, orange RX-7s and lime green 240SXs.

The least of the problems of this Prior Design demo car, though, is its color. They say you can’t go wrong with black and, once again, the saying is proven right. Oh, but you can go wrong with so many other things…

Things like the front bumper which looks like Darth Vader’s mask and suits the S-Class just as well as a set of tractor tires would; or the choice of wheels that make you think about satanic rituals, even though the star they draw is an eight point one, and not five.

Prior Design Mercedes-Benz S-Class |

You think it’s over? Why, it’s not. There’s a flap spoiler on the side which serves absolutely no purpose at all but to make the owner look like a tosser; the rear of the car isn’t all that bad, really, as it looks pretty similar to the AMG version of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. But the “best” is yet to come.

Prior Design Mercedes-Benz S-Class | MercedesBlog.comThe interior is where all hell broke loose. It’s a crocodile leather extravaganza and it looks… awful. There’s a fine limit between luxury and opulence, and this Prior Design interior is hundreds of miles into opulence territory. What isn’t covered in something that was once swimming in the waters of the African savanna, has Nappa leather, Alcantara or wood all over it.

Besides the materials, there’s also the rest of your usual luxury stuff: flat screen TVs for the rear seats, a storing place for a bottle of whiskey and even a cigar humidor. You got vieces, we’ve got a way to satisfy them.

I kind of went over rather quickly over the interior because I don’t feel like there’s much to say. There’s probably (hopefully) a small minority that like that sort of things, but most of us will feel it’s way over the top in both taste and costs. But somewhere to the East, there are a few markets where none of these two aspects really matter…