Rolls-Royce Phantom vs Mercedes-Maybach S-Class comparative test by Throttle Channel (video)

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Throttle house conducted a comparative test between the Rolls-Royce Phantom and the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class. The test is sprinkled with many nice jokes but in the end you are left with a clear impression.

The test begins with a joke about the electrically operated doors from both models that does not notice the obstacle that is actually the editor’s head!
Thomas: “Rolls-Royce Phantom is the best motor car in the world”.

James asks an interesting question: “What is luxury?”
And Thomas answered: “Luxury is this Rolls-Royce: space, quietness, supreme comfort and the knowledge that you are surrounded by the absolute materials money can buy. RR Phantom: the absolute pinnacle of Rolls-Royce line-up”

Thomas likes more Rolls-Royce while James is a fan of Mercedes-Maybach.
Thomas: “Rolls-Royce is about simplicity and quality while Maybach is a supperficial expression of wealth. Rolls-Royce doesn’t bother you trying to impress you with technology. But the technology is here such as the suspension that reads the road and adapts to the quality of the road. Rolls-Royce offers the inimitable magic carpet ride and its platform is an original one not being taken from BMW 7 Series.
Everything you touch is leather or some sort of alloy. Phantom is a car to let you drive but I’m happy to drive too because the engine is a V12 – silent and effortless, may be better than as an ev and the steering is so light. Rolls-Royce Phantom is the definition of luxury”.

“Mercedes-Maybach is full of gimmicks”, says Thomas, while James contradicts him and says that the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class has a lot of luxurious things like Chauffeur package, executive seats, Burmester 4D audio system, ambient lighting etc.

Thomas: “The inscription M is everywhere but there are many things that resemble the S-Class”.
James: “But it’s 7 inches longer than the S-Class. And it costs $ 100,000 more. I think the seats are more comfortable than in Rolls. Maybach rotating tweeters, automatic belts that come in handy, airbags in seat belts are unique to Maybach”.

Thomas: “RR Phantom is as long as a yacht, tall as an SUV. The whole point of this car is to show everyone how much money you spent. At RR everything is bespoke”.
James: “In case of Maybach the two tone paint is 20,000 USD. The price is partly explained because the demarcation line between the two colors is drawn manually and the 21-inch wheels cost another 5,000 USD. But you get with them the integral steering with the steering angle of the rear wheels of 10 degrees”.
Thomas: “But you need two-color paint because otherwise it looks like a normal S-Class. And if we talk about options, in RR you have a place where you can put a work of art that you admire when you drive”.

What car is more silent in interior? 
And now an interesting test. How does an Audi horn sound inside the two models? For this purpose, they used a sound level meter. The result: 61.3 dBA for RR and 64.7 dBA for Maybach.

How is the drive? 
Maybach was equipped with the 4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine and in the US will follow a V12 in 2022 (S 680) and e-active body control suspension with Curve function that was not available on the test car.

James: “RR Phantom is about post opulence but Maybach is about being futuristic. I think the active noise compensation using the Burmester 4D is superior to the RR audio system. And likewise augmented reality is phenomenal”.

Thomas: “I agree that Mercedes-Maybach S-Class has a lot of technology, I have 5 screens in front of me but I don’t think it’s as smooth as an RR”.
James: “With e-active body control that would have been other situation”.
Thomas: “I think e-active body control can help in terms of some undulations but it doesn’t help in terms of noise and vibration”.
James: “Maybe the ride isn’t exactly at RR’s level, but the seating position is”.
Thomas: “You have more adjustment possibilities in Maybach plus the possibility to position the seat almost horizontally”.
James: “RR is a more timeless piece but in a way Maybach is more courageous.

Maybach is a lot a bit Mercedes up front at least but in the back with extra 7 inches and fancy throw pillows is a 100% Maybach. RR from any angle and any seat is all Rolls-Royce except the multimedia system and the engine which are BMW. If you want to save some money you can choose Maybach which offers supreme luxury and experience. Maybach is more adventurous in terms of technology. But in the battle of David vs Goliath in which we want to find out who offers ultimate luxury, David never had a chance.

You can see here the full video.