The Roaring AMG GT

Looking back on the AMG GT
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The Mercedes AMG GT started a new chapter in the history of the German brand on September, 9th, by launching the car of the next generation in Affalterbach. Now the company looks back on years of hard work and craftsmanship, in amusement, but also bewilderment. Oh, yes, the AMG GT engine roars like a lion, they say!

A few short movies posted by Mercedes-AMG make it all look so easy. Enjoy a not so serious review of the rigorous research behind creating the AMG GT.

Perfect Exhaust Notes. The first one shows the Research and Development engineers of the brand searching for the right sound for the engine. They had to choose from violin amateurs’ play, goat scream, dog inflatable toy, waterfall, airplane and a lion roar. What would you choose if you were them?

Incredible Dynamics. Then they had to choose just the right dynamics of the madly engine car. An old car almost rolling over, a lady almost falling of a sledge while dashing through the snow, a butter-legged roller skater, an endlessly looping roller coaster and a football player dribbling his opponents were their options. Find out their choice by watching the video.

Unbelievable Power. When it comes to power, snails carrying their home with the speed of switched off light has nothing to do with it. But breaking bricks, cheetahs chasing the prey, grizzly bears fighting and spaceships rushing into space might be appropriate to convey the AMG power. A power that pulls the experts hair back, even when sitting in their office seats.

Timeless Look & Feel. To be or not to be timeless? That was the engineers’ question. Shaky suspensions like in the hip hop videos, a hippie dancing in his checked pants? No, next! It’s the only 7-star hotel in the world, the Burj-Al-Arab in Dubai and the Sydney Opera House inspiring the engineers to conceive the timeless look they have searched all through history for. Both of them grin in the cheesy end of the video, making a heart with their hands. A new chapter in the automotive history begins now, says the video.