Restored by Brabus – Mercedes-Benz classics live to see another day

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The Techno Classica has just closed its gates of its 28th edition show in Essen. With dozens of vehicles displayed at the classic car show, Mercedes-Benz took center stage. Brabus also brought the company’s vehicles into the spotlight.

What is Brabus doing at a classic car show? The tuner does not only update and upgrade engines of the latest vehicles on the market, but also restores those that made history. These super special vintage cars restored by Brabus don’t come with a gazillion horsepower, but with an old time flavor of nostalgic style.

According to Top Gear’s information, it took about 4,000 man hours to completely rejuvenate the cars exhibited by the tuner in Essen, to make them look new and yet old.

The process starts with a complete disassemble of the original car. All parts are inspected, catalogued and replaced if necessary. The paint goes off the body that undergoes a corrosion protection treatment and a repainting procedure set to put its original color back on.

Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman Restored by Brabus

All of this time, others are working night and day to upgrade the engine and its parts, together with the gearbox, driveshaft and diff. Brabus replaced the long worn suspension and brakes with new ones, compliant with today’s regulation.

A makeover is also applied to the interior, as the reconditioning experts use the same colors and materials, rework the wood inlays. Of course, after tearing them apart first. All get a 2-year warranty, is if completely new.

And the answer to the question you have been meaning to ask since the very beginning is yes: they are not just for the beauty show, they are also for sale. Have you got your eyes set on any of them?