Rendered: The Future Mercedes AMG GT Roadster

Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster
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Think about it: the original SL was a roadster. The SLR McLaren had a soft-top variant. The SLS AMG was also offered as a convertible. So is the brand new Mercedes-AMG going to have a roadster variant? thinks that the only answer is yes.

The new Mercedes-AMG GT is undoubtedly the most important world premiere of the 2014 Paris Motorshow. Well, we know that the first customers still have to wait a while to drive their brand new AMG GT Edition 1, but we and others are already thinking of a new car: the convertible version.

Because we are sure that in the near future (possibly next year) we’ll see the Mercedes-AMG Roadster. Which some suggest that could be a menace for the luxury SL roadster or even that the AMG GT wouldn’t stand a chance in front of the powerful SL 65 AMG, that packs a twin-turbo V12 of 630 HP and is capable of a 0-100 km/h in just 4.0 seconds.

Even if the top variant of the new Mercedes-AMG GT S “only” has 510 HP (so we expect the same thing for the roadster variant), the philosophy of this supercar is different, so that the AMG-GT Roadster will be more agile and more racing-oriented than an SL 63 AMG or SL 65 AMG. And, most of all, it will be focused on sensations more than the SL, partly because of the soft-top (the SL has a hardtop).

Do you think that Mercedes-AMG should build a roadster variant of the new AMG GT? Have your saying in the comments box bellow.

Photo source: RM Design Blog & E. Milano