Remote Parking Pilot: Mercedes E-Class shows James Bond skills

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The all-new Mercedes E-Class reveals its sci-fi self-parking skills on film. The James Bond-esque feature is called Remote Parking Pilot.

This system allows the vehicle to be moved into and out of garages and parking spaces remotely using a smartphone app, enabling the occupants to get into and out of the car easily, even if space is very tight.

In fact, BMW was first to the market with a remote parking system, installed on the all-new 7 Series. In contrast to Mercedes’ solution, though, the Bavarian limo can only be parked via the car’s own key and not a third party smartphone as well.

The video dedicated by Mercedes to its Remote Parking Pilot feature is pretty straight forward, explaining how the system works and showing the all-new E-Class in action, doing all the tight manouvres instead of the driver. Times costs money and parking faster, without a sweat can be a real asset for a business limousine like the 2017 E-Class.

Parking is now safer than ever, as the driver can closely monitor the remaining space between the E-Class and surrounding vehicles or walls.

Mercedes seems keen to prepare us for the future, systems like the new Remote Parking Pilot creating the predictable bridge between the current crop of automobiles and the fully autononomous cars we’ll all be driven in one or two decades from now.