REDLINE Engineering turns Mercedes V-Class into a mobile office

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Russian tuning studio REDLINE Engineering has turned the 2017 Mercedes V-Class minivan into a mobile office, tailored to the exact specifications of each of its customers.

Redline’s mission was clear: creating the most comfortable place for people to negotiate or run their companies, on the move, without any space or time related boundaries. The 2017 V-Class proved to be the ideal starting ground for this goal. Already spacious and luxurious, Mercedes’ big MPV can easily eclipse a conventional limousine.

The passenger compartment is designed for comfortable and safe traveling of 2+2 persons. REDLINE Engineering has installed a partition wall equipped with an electrochromic glass unit, and a large 32-inch TV. Motorized seats equipped with headrests and 3-point safety belts are integrated into the partition separating the cabin into two main areas, the one dedicated to the driver – untouched; and the one accommodating the affluent passengers in the back.

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The regular seats have been replaced by two business-class style chairs taken straight from an F01 BMW 7-Series. Weird choice, isn’t it?  The seats are mounted on a frame installed on standard rails with preserved ability to move back and forth. The coach has the function of backrest additional inclination. A folding electrically driven table is integrated into the side panel. If necessary, you can open one or both motorized seats, or use the “ottoman” mode. A bar with electric drive is installed between the front motorized seats.

Additional heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, fabric double-layered blinds, pleated into the passenger compartment, buttons for opening the sliding door on the trusses and VIP sound insulation of the interior come as standard. Each passenger seat is provided with the control pad of this system, while a large console mounted between the seats controls the entertainment system and the electric adjustment available.

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