Red Dot Award for Mercedes-Benz

Red Dot Award
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This year, the prestigious “Red Dot” design award went to Mercedes-Benz’s “Graphical User Interface” category, for the newly designed tablet configurator.

Customers have a wide variety of options when it comes to buying a car. Clients are able to choose from body variant to colour, wheel design or interior design and personalize their cars according to their own preferences. In order to help customers decide, Mercedes-Benz has developed a version of the configurator designed especially for tablets, named the “Decision Pilot”.

„Red Dot“ Award

The configurator boosts an interface optimised specifically for tablet, HD photos, artwork and 360-degree views. The award was presented on 24th of October in the course of the Red Dot Gala that took place in Konzerthaus Berlin. The ceremony was followed by the Designers’ Night at Berlin’s E-Werk with the exhibition “Design on stage”, when all winners’ work was exposed.

The configurated tablet works just like an application, but without a browser. The navigation system only shows what information is actually required. Since “Decision Pilot” was launched the number of users visiting the configurator has grown substantially. The configurator is also available on mobile devices, such as smartphones.

It was developed by Jung von Matt, an agency for web and mobile format and realised by Sevenval, a specialist in technologies and a provider for mobile marketing solution.

Mercedes-Benz recognised the importance of mobile devices to interactive mobile marketing, continually expanding its offering in this field.

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