Red and sooo bad! The Mercedes-AMG GT in the snow

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Winter is its playground. The state-of-the-art Mercedes-AMG GT was set free into the cold to play with snow. And this is the game it chose to play.

The AMG Driving Academy expert drivers got their hands on the Mercedes-AMG GT super sporty for its frost-bound winter showdown, for the very first time. The AMG untamed beast brought fire into the ice, in a game played only under the surveillance of the best driving instructors.

Mercedes-AMG GT (2)

It is obvious that nobody needed a sleigh to dash through the snow and to drift like never before. It all took place in Arjeplog, the province of Lapland, in northern Sweden, not far from the Arctic Circle. And this was just the first episode of the winter series starring the Mercedes GT. The best is yet to come!

In merciless winter conditions, making winter hot and loud, the 4.0-liter biturbo V6 is pushing the limits to make those onboard live life to the max and reach the max speed as well. That’s 304 km/h, if cars are fitted with the AMG Dynamic PLUS package. Otherwise, it’s limited down to 250 km/h. Anyway, ice cannot guarantee that the car will reach the 100 km/h in its standard 4 seconds. Might be slower. Or faster!

No matter the circumstances, nor the figures, Arjeplog is the perfect place to race, glistening slopes of ice and snow in the performance oriented Mercedes-AMG cars. The amateur drivers get the chance to refine their skills and technique and experience an extreme adventure. Buckle up if you’re ready to drift!