Recharge battery while drifting – The innovative tech of the future AMG models

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The battery of the future electrified AMG models will feature an innovative technology. The V8 biturbo E Performance system will allow recharging while drifting. How will it actually work?

The latest insight from AMG is on the high-performance battery that will equip the hybrid AMG sports cars. The video with Felix as a host shows a camouflaged prototype. That is most likely the Mercedes-AMG GT 73 e, caught testing at the Nurburgring two weeks ago. It does not come with the conventional battery, since it comes with several technological innovations that will revolutionize the industry.

AMG battery (2)

The engineers have developed it in Brixworth, in cooperation with the Formula 1 experts. Therefore there is yet another feature from Formula 1 racing cars that finds room in the series production cars. That makes it different from any other battery currently on the market.

It comes with totally different cells, conceived with “more power” as a target. There are 40 cells for each cell frame and a total of 14 cell frames. Afterwards, there are 560 cells inside the battery. That leads to a voltage of 400 Volts. This system churns a peak power of 150 kW.

Higher power density was one of the objective the team followed, while reducing the weight of the battery pack as much as possible. The battery housing has got thin sandcasting walls. This helps to reduce weight to 89 kilograms.

A non-conductive liquid cools the system. It completely floods the cells chamber. The temperature management system sets the necessary temperature. It is a premiere in series production that makes the entire package operate within the ideal temperature range, approximately 45 degrees Celsius.

A heat exchanger removes the heat from the battery and transfers it to transfer it to the vehicle system.

AMG models drift and recuperate energy of the battery ”

The AMG models owners will be able to drive completely electric at speeds up to 130 km/h. There will be a new AMG Dynamics mode that drivers will select on their V8 biturbo E Performance cars.

A selectable recovery system allows the one behind the steering wheel to select the level of recovery they want to get from the electrical system, from Sailing to One-Pedal driving. There is also a redesigned Race mode of the E Performance system, that F1 drivers helped design.

Drivers must know that, regardless of the manouvers, they always put back power into the battery. There will no energy waste. For example, drifting also allows recuperation. “That is the most AMG thing I’ve ever heard”, Felix says.