Real men wear pink – MBUSA CEO raises awareness for cancer

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Mercedes-Benz USA CEO Steve Cannon posted a picture of himself on Twitter, saying “Real men wear pink”. It is the slogan of a campaign raising awareness for cancer.

Steve Cannon posed with his feet in pink sports shoes up on his desk, smiling broadly in his office, in front of a gigantic poster displaying a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG.

It is all part of a campaign recently launched by AutoNation, North America’s leading car dealer. The company’s building in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, will light up in pink at nighttime, all October long, various streets will be painted in pink and the dealership also came up with the idea of the pink license plates, that would extend public awareness.

The American dealership sent pink pairs of Converse sportswear to 211 celebrities across the country and the Mercedes-Benz USA CEO was one of them.

“Thanks to CEO Mike Jackson and AutoNation for driving awareness for breast cancer”, tweeted Cannon. Mike Jackson used to cover the same position as he does now in Mercedes-Benz USA. “Looking good as we’re tackling cancer together”, was the reply of the AutoNation boss.

The company aims – as its reps say – to do good to society, but to the business as well, getting women’s attention and making them and their families aware of the risks they are exposed to. According to studies run by A.T. Kearny, Boston Consulting Group and others, women make or influence 80% of the buying decisions, from cars to homes and trips.

AutoNation has already donated $1 dollars to cancer related programs. The CEO’s wife, Alice, has won the battle against breast cancer. The couple donated one more million dollars from their personal funds to nonprofit cancer research programs.