Real estate mogul Manny Khoshbin took all 5 Mercedes SLR McLaren for a ride

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Real estate mogul Manny Khosbin owns an impressive collection of luxury cars. He has a passion for certain brands and owns, among others, five Mercedes SLR McLaren – two roadsters and three coupes that he took out for a ride in the same time. 

Manny Khosbin has a life like in movies. He came to America in 1985 at the age of 14, did not speak English, had no friends and knew almost nothing about America as he describes himself on his own website
7 years later he obtained a license in real estate and he began working for a mortgage company as a loan officer. After 6 months he established his own realty company and invested in distressed and bank-owned properties.
Today, the Khosbin Company is a private real estate firm with holdings across the country.

Manny lives in Newport Coast California with his wife and two children and has a fortune of $ 250 million.

He is a big fan of luxury cars and has an affinity for several luxury brands such as Mercedes, Rolls-Royce, Bugatti and Porsche but also owns several McLaren (P1, Senna) and Lamborghini models.

Here are all the cars Manny Khosbin owned and some of them he still has including the five Mercedes SLR McLaren.

Two days ago, Manny took out all the Mercedes SLR McLaren he owns at a driving session – two roadsters and three coupes.
2,157 units of all versions were produced and Khosbin owns five of them.

Although Manny drives a Rolls-Royce Drophead Coupe every day, he is a big fan of the Mercedes SLR McLaren and out of the five, his favorite is the white Mercedes SLR McLaren roadster which also has an ideal interior in his opinion with red leather seats and carbon fiber trim.

Manny enjoys the gadgets in the SLR as a child and most of all he likes the engine start button hidden under a flap located on the gearbox.

“These cars are 15 years old, but they are still exhilarating”, says Manny while driving on the californian streets.
Manny also appreciates the performance of the 626 HP  supercharged V8 engine with  mechanical compressor and the perfect condition of these cars. The only thing that betrays their age is the hydraulic system of the wing doors that no longer works as on the first day.

Manny will be also one of the future 275 happy owners of the new hypercar Mercedes-AMG One which is priced at 2.275 million euro plus taxes.