Ready for sale! The 2017 E-Class finally got the regulatory approvals in the U.S.

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The most intelligent business limousine ever built, the 2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class, is now on its way to dealerships all across the U.S. The sedan got the necessary certifications shortly after it was made public it was still waiting for some approval.

A Mercedes-Benz USA spokesman told the American website Automotive News that the cars are expected to arrive in showrooms starting today. Most dealerships are expected to have cars available for sale by the end of the weekend, with a bit more to wait for those located in remote areas.

The approval though came unexpectedly fast, as the Mercedes-Benz USA officials were not waiting for the good news before July. The MBUSA CEO Dietmar Exler told future customers that the 2017 Es were already on American soil, but still waiting for the regulatory approvals. He never specified whether the competent body to issue the certifications was EPA, the California Air Resources or both.

The Diselgate, with Volkswagen in the spotlight, has determined a loss in credibility for all carmakers, so regulators are now taking longer than usual to certify new models. During the waiting period, an undisclosed number of cars were held at the Mercedes-Benz vehicle preparation centers in Brunswick, Georgia, Baltimore and Long Beach, California. Starting today, trucks loaded with E-Class limousines are rolling out the gates of the centers.