Read the signs – There are Mercedes-Benz stars everywhere

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When you desire something so much, you start seeing the signs everywhere, the video ad claims. And this July, the signs are pointing to exceptional offers. Starting today, Mercedes-Benz Australia launched an original campaign to promote the summer discounts for their vehicles.

The alarm rings way faster than you expect it. Well, it’s always the same, nothing special about that. But the hands of the clock show a star. There are two stars on your bathroom sink, as well. The window is broken in the shape of a star? Oh, this is getting really weird.

All the star signs are leading into a single directions. The Mercedes-Benz dealerships across Australia. But the Australians must hurry. The offer ends July 31 or stays available for as long as the stocks last. With exceptional offers across the Mercedes-Benz demonstrator range, including the unique CLA Shooting Brake, the powerful GLE and the award winning C-Class, the signs are impossible to ignore, the campaign says.