Rare Mercedes-Benz A160 Edition Häkkinen up for sale

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An extremely rare Mercedes-Benz A160 Edition Häkkinen is for sale. What is special about and how much does it cost?

The Mercedes-Benz A160 Edition Häkkinen saw the light of day as a celebration edition, following the success of the McLaren-Mercedes team in Formula 1. The company also launched an Edition Coulthard variant and exhibited them both at the Essen Motor Show in Germany, in November 1998.

The names of the models were inspired by the drivers of the team, Mikka Edition Häkkinen and David Coulthard. The Finn had won two consecutive World Championship titles, so Mercedes decided to build 125 such units in his honor. The basis for the model was an A 160 Elegance, that featured 17-inch AMG wheels, Designo leather in red and a sports suspension. A dual exhaust, foldable mirrors, heated seats at the front complete the long extra equipment list.

The W198 showed up in the colors of the Formula 1 team, silver and red-orange accents. It also sported the names of the drivers and their countries flags.

Mercedes-Benz A160 Edition Häkkinen comes with the Electronic Stability Program

The ESP badge shows up on the tailgate, following the unfortunate moment when an A-Class flipped over during the Moose test in 1997.

Under the hood, there is a 1.6-liter engine that develops 102 horsepower and 150 Nm of torque. So it isn’t exactly what you would expect from a car that celebrates World Championship titles in Formula 1.

The model currently for sale on Mechatronik was delivered to Rome, Italy, in February 1999. It was a showroom exhibit until 2001 when the SRL Canella Auto Biella company bought it. Later on, on May 14th, 2010, when a collector from Pavia, near Milan, decided to buy it. It remained in his possession until 2016. Its last registered owner was from Vercelli, only a few kilometers away from Pavia.

Now the seller is intending to give it away for €44,900. The car has only traveled for 215 kilometers (134 miles).