Putin’s driver dies in horror crash when the presidential BMW collides with a Mercedes

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Vladimir Putin’s driver died only hours ago in a horror high-speed crash taking place in the city of Moscow. The driver was behind the wheel of the Russian President’s official car, a BMW 7 Series, when a Mercedes-Benz CLS coming from the opposite direction veered and slammed head-on, into it.

Shocking footage of the lethal crash has been released by the Russian media, that reports the Presidential driver was killed in the impact taking place on the multi-lane Kutuzovsky Avenue. Vladimir Putin was not in the car at the time of the crash, as he is currently attending the G20 summit in China, along with other world leaders like Barrack Obama, Angela Merkel and Theresa May.

Paramedics told investigators the unnamed driver of the BMW was instantly killed. The man in the Mercedes CLS was admitted to hospital and is thought to be in a critical condition.

The smashed BMW is officially registered as belonging to the Federation Council, also known as the Russian Senate or Upper Chamber of Parliament. Vladimir Putin’s favorite chauffeur allegedly had a 40-year experience behind the wheel and had been working for the Russian leader for decades.